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FLOWERS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE YOUR MOTHER PROUD Since its inception in the United States of America by Ann Reeves Jarvis in the early part of the 20th century, mother’s day have become a big day celebration not just for mothers or women only, virtually every member of the family have used this special day to celebrate the joy of motherhood and whatever achievements they have made in life while attaching the roles their mothers or any other female figure has played in their lives. It is unsurprising that people go the extra miles to make their mothers proud. While a number of people buy gifts worth a fortune for their mothers on this unique day, some simply...

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITHOUT FLOWERS ON MOTHER’S DAY Of the numerous days of celebrations across each year, mother’s day stands out. This is not because they are females or considered loveable and caring, but because they are mothers to all and their existence has birthed life itself. Likewise, their roles in upbringing of children has influenced the peaceful society we enjoy in the world. Therefore, this distinguished day has been set aside to celebrate the joy of motherhood, mothers and other female figures that have played influential roles in our lives one way or another. A lot of gifts circulate the atmosphere on special days like mother’s day but it still begs the question, ‘what would you do without...

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MOTHER’S DAY ROSES Mother’s day signifies a very important day in the lives of mothers and the family at large; it is a day set aside to celebrate motherhood. Mother’s day is a celebration day used to honour mothers in families, as well as maternal bonds, motherhood while also acknowledging the vital roles mothers play in running the affairs of the home with an extension to helping in keeping a peaceful society as a result of their critical upbringing of children. Although mother’s day is celebrated on different days around the globe, but most commonly in the third month or the fifth month annually. Mother’s day although started to be celebrated in the early 20th century from the initiative of...

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BEST FLOWERS FOR MOTHER’S DAY Mother’s day is the day of celebration for honouring the influence of mother’s on the family, from children upbringing, family care and how these transmit to the community and the world at large. On this day, husbands, children and family members sends gifts to the mother of the house to appreciate all her efforts in the family. Likewise, mothers in extended families, community may exchange gifts to celebrate motherhood. In a similar fashion, religious bodies may organize hangouts or picnics and have gifts to be shared amongst one another. However, nothing spells better expression of this love than fragrant bouquet of flowers. There are a number of flowers to be chosen for this special and...

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6 FACTS ABOUT VALENTINE FLOWERS PEOPLE THINK ARE TRUE Valentine flowers are one of the most shared gifts during Valentine’s day. Valentine which has dated as ancient history about one St. Valentine according to the Roman Catholic whom was executed. During this day, gifts are shared amongst partners, colleagues and lovers. As such, a fresh flower delivery to a potential mate through the valentine delivery service sends a message of great intent to your partner. However, some gestures about valentine flowers bouquet are often misconstrued, hence, 6 facts about valentine flowers people think are true are reviewed here; Valentine flowers are gestures of love Valentine flower delivery at the doors of a friend or loved one during valentine goes beyond...

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