• What are Infinity roses?

All of our Infinity roses are real roses that have been cut at the right time and undergone a special treatment to expand the natural roses life span at its most peek blooming stage. Our luxury boxed roses make an every lasting impression to any room, for any reason. 

  • Do Infinity roses really last a year?

YES!!! With the correct care these roses maintain there beautiful delicate appearance for upto a year or even longer. 

  • Are all your roses real?

Yes, all of our Infinity Roses are real roses that last a year and have been treated to expand there natural life span. Our Forever Flowers are handmade silk/artificial flowers. These come in a range of roses, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas. 

  • How do Infinity roses last a year?

All our Infinity roses undergo a special treatment. At the time of their most beautiful blooming, they are carefully treated with a proprietary solution and colour pigmentation process which stops the growth of the rose in its most perfect state. Then we install them with a wide range of exquisite colours. These roses can then last months on end if they are cared for correctly. 


  • What collections and box sizes are there?

Our boxes are available in black and white; Round or square shaped. Each of these combinations are available in the following sizes: “Mini”, “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”. Limited edition heart shape is also available while stocks last. These come in black, white and red suede.

Infinity De Fleur Collection are Real roses that last a year. With No maintenance or No Watering required, Infinity De Fleur Roses shall last a minimum of 1 year when there is No direct contact to sunlight, No Moisture and are kept at room temperature. They are delicately fixed into a Parisian hat box of your choice.  

Crystal De Fleur Collection is a luxury acrylic home decor product featuring our Infinity Roses. These fabulous, crystal clear products feature a top layer of Infinity Roses protected by a clear lid.

Forever De Fleur Collection is a range of Realistic Handmade silk flowers that will last a life time and may need occasional dusting. 


  • Which designs do you offer?

We offer our Arrangements in a block colour design. In addition, we can also create multi-colored and personalised designs and can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, numbers, shapes and symbols with our roses available in an extensive colour palette. Please send your request to info@fluxdefleur.com


  • How many roses are in each Parisian hat box?

Depending on the individual head size of the roses and shape of the boxes, we work with the following quantities:

Mini: 1 rose
Small: 4 roses
Medium: 12 - 15 roses
Large: 45 - 50 roses
Magnum: 120+ roses

We make sure there are no large gaps when creating our floral arrangements and fill the box accordingly.

  • Can I take the flowers out of the box?

No! For the best appearance of the roses, we highly recommend not taking the roses out of there box. They are happy there and they are designed and arranged to stay in the box for the entire life span of the floral display. During the creation of the floral arrangement, each rose is carefully placed in a way that shows great attention to detail within the box. Removing these rose will damage and ruin the floral display. 

  • How do I maintain my Arrangements? 

    Do not leave your infinity roses in Direct sunlight. The colour may fade with direct contact in due course time. No water, no maintenance or humidity environments. Just enjoy these roses all year round. 
  • Can I add a greeting card message? 

Yes. You can enter a personalized message into the text field provided.   

How do I place an order? 
1. Choose your desired box shapecoloursize, and design.
2. Add the product to your shopping cart.
3. If you do not wish to add any further arrangements to your shopping cart, go to the checkout section and follow the given instructions.
4. Add a greeting card message if you wish to include a personal note or leave it blank if you'd like to write this yourself.
5. Specify your shipping date and choose your payment method.
6. Finally, confirm your purchase and leave the rest to our team :)


    • What happens after I have confirmed my order?

    An automated order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address within a few minutes. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folder.
    Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation email including the tracking number and invoice.

      • Can I change my order?
      Unfortunately, you can not change your order once it has been made. But you can always call our helpful team to see if we can help in anyway.
        • How can I track my shipment?
        When your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email that will contain shipment details and your tracking number.
          • What happens in case of theft or accidental damage?

          All deliveries are insured against theft and accidents. Our arrangements are handled carefully by our supplier. Inside the shipping box we protect the roses to ensure that they remain intact. The insurance cover expires with a written confirmation of receipt.


          • How can I have my order sent to a delivery address different from the invoice address?

          Simply enter the desired delivery address. We will ship your order to this address while you receive the invoice yourself.

          • Does the receiver get an invoice?

          No invoice is sent with any order.