Collection: Eternity Infinity Roses

Real Roses That Last All Year

The Eternity Infinity Collection is the ultimate luxury floral gift.

With No maintenance or No Watering required, the Infinity Collection will always look luxurious and elegant.


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Say I Love You Forever with Roses

Roses make a wonderful gift but they only seem to last a few days. Everyone loves to receive them, but then there is that dreaded time when they have to go in the compost bin.

 Roses can be expensive, so what is the next best type of gift when you don’t want your hard-earned cash going into the bin? It is possible to buy eternity roses that last for up to one year’s time.

Difference Between Eternity Roses & Faux Roses

Faux roses are made from paper or artificial polyester fabric. While they can last longer than real roses, they do look fake.

 The last thing you want to buy for your loved one is a gift that appears you purchased it from the pound or dollar store. You know your loved one adores roses, but you are unhappy that you have to buy them frequently, even if you can afford it. Instead, you want a gift that lasts a long time.

 Forever roses are actually real roses, but they’ve been carefully preserved with safe chemicals. These preserved forever roses look like genuine fresh roses. The difference is that the forever roses last a much longer time.

How Long Do Eternity Roses Last?

Our eternity roses are guaranteed to last for up to one year’s time. This makes them the ultimate floral gift, as they last longer than a few days. You won’t have to do any maintenance on them.

 They don’t require watering or trimming. With some minor care, your roses will continue to look elegant. It’s important to keep them inside the decorative box that they arrived in, to avoid any peeling or damage. You should keep the roses out of the reach of young children or pets.

 Keeping them on a shelf away from direct sunlight is best, and inside a glass cabinet is better. You can certainly bring out the rounded box for a special event, such as when you have a tea party with friends.

Where to Shop for Eternity Roses UK?

If you live in the UK then you want to purchase your gift from a local or regional roses seller.

 Since this item can be fragile, you want it to arrive intact and in a timely manner, not have a box take weeks for shipping. You can buy your eternity roses UK right here on our Flux de Fleur website.

We have roses in various colours, including traditional red, gold, fuchsia, burgundy, white, and more!

Whether you’re ordering a lovely gift for your spouse or partner, or you want to buy a special gift for yourself, the eternity roses make the perfect gift that can be enjoyed for up to one year’s time.

To avoid disappointment, you should order your gift right now. These lovely forever roses are gaining in popularity so you don’t want them to sell out before you have a chance to order your gift for that special occasion ahead!