Collection: Crystal De Fleur

Crystal De Fleur Collection
This limited-edition collection of acrylic home décor products featuring our Infinity Roses making it the ultimate luxury floral gift.
It is the new luxury home décor statement piece. Adding that extra chic look to any setting. 

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What Is the Crystal De Fleur Collection?

This collection is a limited edition set featuring home decor products that contain our lovely infinity roses.

This gift takes the eternal roses one step further, being sold in a solid and durable infinity roses box. The roses sit securely within the durable clear acrylic box and can be placed on a desk, table, or shelf to be enjoyed in the months ahead.

These crystal-like boxes are available in various sizes, to hold two dozen roses, or just one. We also have an option where you can order a single red stemmed rose that fits inside a tall acrylic vase.

How to Create Home Decor with Infinity Roses

If your collection of Infinity Roses UK is growing, you may be wondering if there is a better way to store them.

You may order the roses with one of the boxes that we sell, but you may also want a better way to display them. We have now expanded to the Crystal De Fleur Collection.

This provides a solution when you want more Infinity Roses UK in your home.

Home Decorating Ideas with Infinity Roses UK

Your infinity roses box can be placed in many regions around the home. The living room or dining room are the best options, in order to keep your forever roses lasting for a year or longer.

The roses come in a wide range of colours, so you can colour-coordinate them with the colour of your interior.

Roses come in burgundy, bright red, light pink, medium pink, fuchsia, yellow, mauve, and more! You can brighten up your rooms with some colourful but genuine roses that last for a year or more.

Where Can I Find the Price of Infinity Roses?

If you want to budget for your home or to buy gifts in the year ahead, please check out our Flux de Fleur Infinity Roses Collection now.

Our crystal acrylic collection is affordably priced starting at £49 for a mini rose.

Our collection also includes a crystal acrylic lid that you can leave on to protect the roses from dust and moisture, or you can remove them for special occasions so you can fully enjoy the appearance of a genuine rose that looks as fresh as when it was first picked from the garden.

You can browse our website to see our current prices for an infinity rose box.

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect infinity roses box, you want to buy yourself a gift, or decorate your living room tables with unique but colourful genuine roses, we have plenty of options at various price points here on our Flux de Fleur website.

Please order now to avoid any out-of-stock disappointments. We can deliver to your home or business, or you can have your gift delivered directly to your loved one’s or friend’s home or workplace.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, or are wondering if your home decor idea will work with our infinity roses box.