Product care

Product Care for Infinity & Crystal De Fleur Collection 
Using high quality Infinity roses the arrangement shall last a minimum of 1 year when there is; 
  • No direct contact to sunlight.
  • No moisture and are kept at room temperature.
  • Do not water the flowers.
  • Do not remove the flowers from the box, they are secure and happy there.
  • If dust collects after sometime lightly use a duster to remove.
  • Keep the lid at the bottom or side of box.
  • Do not place the lid or any items on top of the flowers as they can be crushed or damaged.
  • Do not hold the arrangement from the ribbon handles and be mindful as this product is very delicate.
  • Your luxurious arrangement can last for a year or more if cared for correctly with zero maintenance, no water and minimal care.  
Product care for Forever De Fleur Collection
Flowers That Last A Lifetime
Using high quality artificial flowers the arrangement shall last forever when there is;
  • No direct sunlight
  • Do not water the flowers 
  • These flowers are hand made from silk / synthetic materials. Avoid keeping them close to anything flammable, like fire places or excessive heat.  
  • After sometime dust may form. Using a duster lightly remove any dust on the flowers. If you do not have a duster you can use a hair dryer on the cold setting. 
  • Avoid touching the flowers as they can become frail after sometime. 
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