Roses That Last 1-3 Years, Styled In A Fashionable Chic Manner.

Roses stereotypically have been linked to Romance, Beauty and Love. We combined Luxury, Elegance and Grace to the Rose that Blooms longer than any other. 

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Roses That Last A Year: The Perfect Gift!

Are you searching for a wonderful floral gift that she can gaze at every day of the year, knowing how much she is loved?

You don’t want to send the usual box of chocolates or fresh flowers, as those are quickly gone. You want a beautiful gift that can be proudly displayed on the fireplace mantle or in the middle of the dining room table.

If you haven’t heard about roses that last a year, then you’ll be interested in learning about how to send a gift of love that can last up to three years long. 

Are There Roses That Last a Year?

Roses make a great gift but if you
could find flowers that last a year then that would be a wonderful way to tell
her how much you love her. 

 While roses have been dried and
preserved in the past, they didn’t look fresh and real. Today’s roses that last
3 years not only look fresh and real, they also have that same vivid bright red
colour that will make her smile. 

 Our roses have undergone a special
treatment process that keeps them looking fresh and bright for at least one
year, and up to 3 years long with the proper care. 

What Are the Care Instructions for Roses That Last a Year?

These beautiful roses will arrive at
their destination by courier, and be in a white or black box (your choice) with
a lid. The lid can be removed and tucked under the bottom of the box. 

 It’s recommended that the lovely
bouquet be placed on a table or shelf that is away from direct sunlight, air 

conditioning, or heaters. It should be safely out of reach of curious pets too.
If the gift recipient has a glass
cabinet, inside would be the perfect spot, as it’ll be safe from dust, fur, and
the elements. To remove any dust, the flowers can be gently blown on, or you
can use a small soft brush to gently clean the petals. 

 Where Can I Shop for Flowers That Last a Year?

You won’t find these roses in your
average high-street shop. You can buy them from our exclusive Flux de Fleur
online flower shop, where we offer a wide selection of handmade silk and
genuine preserved flowers. 

They are all presented in beautiful
gold and white or black and white boxes, your choice! You can choose your
desired price range for your gift, and choose one beautiful flower, or several
lovingly created into a bouquet. 

Roses are our focus, but we also
have peonies and other types of flowers too.

Your gift recipient will be excited

to receive their special gift of roses that last a year. 

They’ll be excited to learn that these long-lasting roses have been preserved to last for at least
one year, and for up to three years long.

If you need a gift for Mother’s Day,
Valentine’s Day, a birthday or any other special occasion, place your order
today and you will be so happy that you did when you see your loved one smile.