About us

The translation of Flux De Fleur is The Flow of Flowers.

Flux De Fleur was created by a Mother and Daughter who had a passion for nature and a hobby for floral arranging. 

Our story goes all the way back to 1999 in a small shop outside of London.

When the Daughter was at a tender age she spent a lot of time watching her Mother arrange the most beautiful flowers which made her very passionate about floral arranging. The only thing the young girl disliked was the short life span of these beautiful floral arrangements. She questioned her Mother, 'why flowers had to die, why can't they last for a year' and she had no answer for the little girl. From this moment, the young girl set foot on her own quest in order to find a flower that lasts longer than the ordinary cut flower.

This is when she came up with the idea of The Rose that lasts a year and blooms longer than any other flower. 

From that day onwards the Mother helped the Daughter to make her vision into reality, creating the most Beautiful, Luxury, Handcrafted bouquet's of the exquisite Rose lasting up to a year.

Flux De Fleur's experience and knowledge in floral arranging goes back to over 16 years ago. 

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