About us

The translation of Flux De Fleur is The Flow of Flowers.

Flux De Fleur is a family run business that was founded by a mother and daughter who had a passion for nature and a hobby for floral arranging. 

Our story begins in 1999 in a small shop outside of London, where a daughter grew up watching her mother arrange the most beautiful flowers. Thus a passion for floral arrangement was born.

As the daughter grew older, she noticed that as beautiful as the floral arrangements were, they would only last a few days. She questioned her mother on why these flowers would die and what could be done to preserve them.

As her mother didn’t have an answer for her, the daughter set out on a quest to try to find a flower that lasts longer than any other flower. She eventually came up with the idea of the Eternity Rose.

Eternity roses are real roses that are preserved to last for up to a year, with proper care. From this discovery, Flux de Fleur was born, and the mother helped the daughter turn the vision into reality, creating the most beautiful and luxury handcrafted arrangements of the eternity roses that last up to a year.

Today, Flux de Fleur continues to be a family run business with experience and knowledge in floral arrangements for over 25 years.


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