roses that last a year



Flowers are not just ornaments or gifts, they are unique and convey vital information from one person to another. This is a major reason why a gesture of exchange of a flower bouquet stays longer in the heart of both the giver and the recipient.

Flowers are as ancient as man himself and has been used in different contexts, ranging from flower of love, relationship, friendship, allegiance, death and to tie the nuptial knots. In present times, a lot of revenue is generated on flower sales by florists with £84 million being generated annually in the United States of America. Besides this, every flower has its own secret meaning, be it in numbers, type or even colours. For instance, a rose usually conveys a love message; white roses indicate perfect or pure love, while red roses signify love.

Studies have shown that flowers have a significant effect on an individual’s emotions with major attention on alleviation of stress. A fresh flower delivery at the doors of a family, friend, colleagues and a lover. Without having to go through the financial stress of acquiring expensive gifts to put smiles on the faces of loved ones, a fresh flower delivery can serve a similar purpose. More so, instead of queuing at the doors of florists during a valentine, one can opt for beautiful one year roses at an e-florist shop, accompanied with a valentine delivery service can have delivered a fresh flower bouquet at a surprisingly convenient charge.

Besides cultivation, there are fresh flowers that can mimic their natural counterpart and still convey similar emotions. Additionally, flowers have been reported to affect one’s mood and psychology. This is because they contain some chemicals that serve this purpose; for instance, dopamine is often referred to as the ‘bonding hormone’ which creates a warmth feeling of love and attachment and having such flowers delivered through a valentine flower delivery  or order through an e-florist shop can sparkle fresh feelings or salvage a partially broken relationship.

Apart from being flowers of love or gifts, they are golden in decoration of houses, flower bouquet can contain roses in a box or nicely set in a flower vase on a table. Sets of nicely grown flowers can also be grown along aisles and at community centres. Flowers having nice fragrance can also be grown in gardens and serve as a perfect place for relaxation. Flowers come in so many beautiful shapes, styles, colours and forms.

Like fashion, flowers can be used to express one’s personality. Flowers can be used in different combinations, can be classic, contemporary, playful, bold and sensuous. So, whether one wants to share a bunch of happy, say, “I’m sorry,” “thank you,” or “I care,” flowers can do it. They touch one’s senses of sight, smell, touch and when combined with a note, a powerful message is passed.

Beyond the message conveyed, giving flowers says something about a person. Research showed that people who offer flowers are seen as attentive and classy and who does not want that?

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