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EPIC MOMENT FLOWERS-MOTHER’S DAY Mother’s day is one of the most significant days in the family. This marks a day of celebration to honour and appreciate motherhood, mothers or even a female figure that has played influential role in one’s development, growth or success. Although mother’s day is celebrated annually in March or May, this special day is oftentimes celebrated on various dates in different countries around the world. It is unsurprising that this unique day is celebrated with so much passion and enthusiasm and this may be attributed to the fact that the roles of mothers in shaping lives via different methids of upbringing cannot be overemphasized, hence different gifts are showered to women of all categories, be it...

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MOTHER’S DAY SAME DAY DELIVERY FLOWERS Mother’s day, first celebrated in the United States of America almost two centuries ago, has now become a rather popular and special day of celebration in different countries of the world. Mother’s day is a unique day set aside to celebrate the influence of mothers in the family and the society at large. At a time like this, children in an attempt to shower love, attention and care to the woman who has nurtured them from a very tender age, they give exotic gifts to their mothers such as clothes, cars, jewelry while some may even throw a big family gathering. Oftentimes, they end up doing nothing as some of these plans may cost...

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PUTTING THE ICING ON THE FLOWER Mother’s day is just around the corner. It is a day set aside to appreciate the gift of motherhood, their influence in today’s society and their roles in the nurture and upbringing of the children as well as care of the family. Although mother’s day is celebrated across different nations of the world on different days, it is mostly celebrated in March and May, and at times like this members of the family give expensive gifts to their friends while some thinks it good to give beautiful flowers; after all the founder or starter of mother’s day Anne Reeves Jarvis in 1908 gave her mother beautiful bouquets of pink carnations. However, it may not...

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MOTHER OF ALL FLOWERS Mother’s day is here again. It is that time of the year that you shower love, praise and attention on your mother. People tend to send beautiful gifts in form of clothes, airplane tickets to dream land, cars, lands and houses. However, some people just may decide to make it simple and classic by sending flowers. You might begin to wonder, why flowers? Flowers may seem small but the message they carry leaves a long lasting impression on the heart of the recipient. Mother’s day is that special day that one just have to appreciate this special being; considering her influence in your life, upbringing, scolding and nurturing. While you were a kid, she recites rhymes...

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SURPRISES FOR MOTHERS DAY Mothers day celebration and the jubilations surrounding this special day is no surprise, this is because the influence of mothers in the family, community and world at large cannot be underestimated. Since the commencement of the celebration of mother’s day, a lot of love, appreciation and care had been shown towards these special creatures in terms of exotic gifts given to mothers on this day. The significance of motherhood can be felt in every sectors of today’s society, family, church, mosque, government and in the world at large, hence celebrating them and what they represent is not misplaced. This year, mother’s day is around the corner; although it is celebrated on various days in different countries...

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