Eternity Roses

What Exactly Are Eternity Roses?

What Exactly Are Eternity Roses? How Can You Identify Them?

One of the things it’s most popular for is love. Roses have long been the symbol of love, passion, hope and commitment. It’s one way to spoil our loved ones and make them feel important.

Although red may be the most common of colors for roses, they also come in other different colors, including yellow which symbolizes friendship, white which signals new beginnings, orange which represents energy and passion, among others.

Because of their distinct smell, roses continue to be such popular gifts for most occasions, especially the romantic ones. If they’re this important, so is the place of choosing right. Your knowledge of which color to go for will greatly enhance the effect your gift will have on its recipient. Another thing is to know which roses to purchase. While there are many options out there, one of your best bet is the eternal rose, also known as eternity roses. What are these eternity roses?

They’re Long-Lasting

Traditional rose flowers do not last more than a few days. Within a week, their blooms begin dropping, their scent starts fading and they start losing their petals. This can be very frustrating and expensive if you have to keep buying them again and again. But unlike traditional rose flowers, eternity roses never fade. You know why? In a bid to preserve the natural beauty of the roses, they are dipped in metal and can be glazed to preserve the bloom in its natural color. Thanks to the special process used to treat them, the authentic look and feel can remain for up to a year.

Easy to Maintain

As amazing as a bouquet of fresh-cut roses is, it can be stressful to manage. It’s on you to ensure that the flowers have a constant supply of fresh, clean water. The of course you have to prune back the wilted leaves, among the many other things you have to do. But you don’t have to do all these with the eternity roses Only dusting them off every now and then is what they need to maintain their beauty and to help. Sounds easy to maintain, right?

Can be personalized

Good luck with trying to find where you can pluck a gold-colored rose arrangement. Truth is it will be impossible to find. It’s also the same when you order from some companies online that offer only limited options for customizing your arrangement. But you need to know that there are over 20 shades of roses and several Parisian-style keepsake boxes to choose from, with which you can create incredible arrangements that suit your needs. What’s more? You can go on further by getting customized card messages and other unique patterns that can be designed right into the arrangement.

To get an eternity roses arrangement, one of the few things to do is to get familiar with your colors. Know how you want your luxury rose arrangement to look like and then go for the kill.

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