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If you are one of such people or have friends thinking flowers are not sufficient on Valentine’s Day, these facts about valentine flowers and the impression that comes with it might clear your doubt;

Roses are the most purchased flower

Roses are often regarded as the flowers of love. In history, roses are the most popular flower and are by a large extent the most acquired flower during the valentine season and about 50 million roses are shared among lovers across the globe on this special day annually.


Besides roses, there are others

As a symbol of love, delicate snowdrop flowers are exchanged by the Danish people around Valentine. Across the globe, tulips, orchids, lilies can also be exchanged which are attractive and serve as a relatively cheap alternative to the expensive roses.

Secret meanings of flower

Numbers and colours of roses symbolize different things. Just a rose may mean ‘love at first sight’ while a dozen roses symbolize one year roses with each standing for each month.

Roses are as old as the earth

According to the Greek mythology, roses were created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The Romans believed roses sprang up from the spilled blood of Venus while trying to save her cherished lover from danger.

Ease of acquisition

Valentine flowers are very cheap and easy to acquire. With the option of e-florist shop, valentine flower delivery just got easier.


Easy communication

Valentine flowers go beyond mere gifts, they tend to communicate one’s true feelings to the receiver. For one’s first love, a purple larkspur, will do, while gardenias are for secret lovers.


Online purchase

As a trend now, e-florist shops are now global, meaning one is just a click away from getting the desired flowers that comes with valentine delivery service.

Suitable for the procrastinators

For lovers who are busy and postpone purchase of exotic items, fresh flowers delivery come in handy to save the day and existence of an e-florist shop makes it easily accessible.


Majority of flowers of love, especially roses are cultivated in South America as they have a warmer climate.

Gender based

Statistically, 73% of men buy flowers for their loved ones while very few women buy, just for their parents or immediate family, but not for lovers

Not necessarily buy

As a matter of fact, there are beautiful flowers one can cut from their garden and give as long as they are kept fresh.

Vast choice

Unlike some gifts, there are array of options when selecting valentine flowers

Magic of bouquet

There is no better way of expressing one’s love with a fresh flower bouquet on valentine.


When others are giving exotic gifts, uniqueness of flowers can’t be overemphasized.


Expressing one’s love could be made as simple as sending flowers.



Power in combination

There is no extent to which flowers of different types and shades can be combined, it even says more of one’s affection.

Tulips are perfect

Tulips may have a simple look, they are traditionally stylish.

Speaks volume of personality

Giving out flowers on valentine shows how flexible one is.

More than a gift

Valentine flowers are more than a gift to others, one might treat themselves to a fragrant flower bouquet on this day.

True love

Love at first, love unconditional and every form of love, nice flowers say it all.

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