Valentine flowers are one of the most shared gifts during Valentine’s day. Valentine which has dated as ancient history about one St. Valentine according to the Roman Catholic whom was executed. During this day, gifts are shared amongst partners, colleagues and lovers. As such, a fresh flower delivery to a potential mate through the valentine delivery service sends a message of great intent to your partner. However, some gestures about valentine flowers bouquet are often misconstrued, hence, 6 facts about valentine flowers people think are true are reviewed here;

  • Valentine flowers are gestures of love

Valentine flower delivery at the doors of a friend or loved one during valentine goes beyond the physical stem and leaves. Valentine flowers as gifts may be considered as flowers of love, albeit this is dependent on the kind, number of flower. A few scented flowers bouquet given to a bereaved person goes an extent to show how much you care about and love a person during such hard times.

Likewise, as a gift from an employer to their employees, especially on days when valentine falls during a working day, flowers bouquet at their tables would definitely be an encouraging incentive.

  • Roses are the most purchased valentine

There are many flowers that can be exchanged during Valentine’s day, roses are still the most purchased and appreciated. This may be attributed to the fact that roses are usually regarded as the flowers of love and according to the Roman mythology, roses sprang up from the spilled blood of their goddess of love, Venus while she was attempting to save her lover. Statistically, florists make a very large percentage of their revenue from selling roses. According to the Society of American Florists, 198 million roses were produced in 2010 for the Valentine holiday.

  • Valentine roses are mostly purchased by men

Based on current statistics, 75 per cent of the 110 million roses produced are purchased by men annually for the Valentine’s day. However, just three-quarter of the remaining 25 per cent are purchased by the women. Interestingly, flowers bouquet of these roses may not be purchased for their partners, hence, may be for children, family or even a colleague at work or school.


  • Valentine flowers are cheap

Yes, valentine flowers are cheap and are budget friendly. However, there are flowers that can be high costs but maybe relatively available based on one’s income or social status. Whatever the kind and price of flowers one desires, check through the pages of an e-florist shop and get it delivered using the valentine delivery service.

  • Magic

Everyone believes there is a magic that comes with nice scenting flowers bouquet. Be it roses in a box, flowers in vase, it is magical and can arouse feelings when it is exchanged.

  • Ubiquity of Valentine flowers

Valentine flowers can be found everywhere, it does not necessarily require you to queue in crowded malls or florists’ shops just to send you love to your loved ones. Utilize the valentine flower delivery service of an e-florist shop and get your love life on the go. Interestingly, one can just pick a flower suitable for valentine in your garden and make a fresh flower delivery at your convenience.

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