Beautiful Everlasting Roses

Beautiful Everlasting Roses

While other floral gifts may be given to show how much we care for a loved one, friend, or colleague at various holidays during the year, the rose seems to stand out as one of the most popular gifts.

They can also be more costly than other flowers. Despite their sharp prickly thorns, how did roses evolve to become one of the most popular and inspiring gifts for all occasions?

And is it possible to buy everlasting roses that aren’t made from fabric or plastic?

How Far Back Can We Trace Rose's History?

Roses can be dated far back in time. The oldest remains have been found in Colorado, Ohio, from the late Eocene period (1). This was from 33 to 56 million years ago.

Of course, our human family didn’t exist back then, so you may be curious when humans may have started growing and gifting these beautiful flowers.

They were popular in ancient Greece and were used as a symbol of love, particularly being associated with Aphrodite the Goddess, who was associated with love and fertility.

Humans enjoyed utilising the rose as a decorative element in their homes, though they have been grown to scent the home, and create rose hip tea, perfume, and other items too.

Where Did Our Current Gift Roses Come from?

Today’s roses that are sold in flower shops can be traced back to 18th century China (2). The oldest type is called “the Old Blush” group.

There continue to be newer varieties created and grown by rose lovers around the world. If you have a rose garden in your city then you should really visit. You’ll be surprised at the hundreds of different varieties, shapes, and sizes of roses you can enjoy.

How to Give a Rose Gift That Lasts?

Roses are a popular gift and there’s not a flower shop around that doesn’t have at least a few different varieties.

But perhaps the main complaint with floral gifts is that they only last a few days. It can be disappointing to toss the remains in the green bin. Can there be a better solution to everlasting roses?

There is! Everlasting roses provide the perfect gift that lasts for a long time, but they’re still genuine roses that have been lovingly grown in a rose garden. After the roses have been picked, the flowers are carefully preserved through a special process.

This is unlike the past processes of drying roses. Through our special process, the roses look as fresh as the day they were picked.

If you have a special occasion ahead, now is the time to start dreaming up the perfect gift. Shopping for everlasting flowers in a box is the perfect solution.

You can browse our website at Flux de Fleur to buy the perfect everlasting rose box. There are many different options. You can choose one single large rose or one dozen+ in a box.

If you wish to have a custom order, please contact us as we can do that too.

The everlasting rose box will arrive on time for your loved one’s special occasion.

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