How to Choose The Perfect Long-Lasting Rose

How to Choose The Perfect Long-Lasting Rose

Does your loved one have a birthday ahead? Perhaps friends are getting married, or a work colleague has been promoted.

There are so many occasions in life where it’s appropriate to give a special gift. But what exactly can you send to them?

You may be able to give the gift in person, or, you may have to arrange delivery to their house or workplace. You know what you love but will others love your gift as much?

Here’s how to choose the perfect gift.

 Peek Around Their Desk or Home

If it’s a family member or a work colleague, you can check and see what belongings they have on their desk or in their homes.

This gives you a clue as to their personality. Some men may appreciate a gift of flowers, while some women may not.

If you decide to gift long last roses, you could also add an additional gift of a small item, such as a toy stuffy, jewelry, chocolates, and more.

 Are Faux Roses Appropriate?

You may have seen faux roses in your local shops. These fake flowers can be made from paper, fabric, or plastic. While roses may look nice, these flowers are priced cheaply.

And yet you don’t want to give flowers that will be tossed away after a few days either. Roses are often highly desirable, but can also be expensive, particularly when fresh roses only last for a few days.

Instead of faux roses, buy a gift of genuine long lasting roses instead.

What Are Long Lasting Roses?

Long last roses are still genuine roses that have been grown in a rose garden.

The fresh roses are carefully preserved through a special process that enables them to look great for up to one year’s time.

These flowers aren’t dried through your traditional process which darkens the petals and makes them extremely brittle. Instead, this special long-lasting rose process preserves the entire flower and stem to make them look as fresh as possible.

Some care will still need to be done to make them last for up to one year’s time. It is recommended to keep these forever roses in the box they arrive in. You can simply remove the lid and place on a shelf to enjoy them for a long time.

This type of roses gift is also perfect to give.

Where to Shop for Flowers That Last a Year?

If you’re ready to find a gift for someone, then please browse our online store.

We ship to within the UK and to Europe & the USA. You can select the type of roses you wish to give, or just buy one single rose. There are a few different colour options, from bright red to burgundy, yellow, yellow-gold, white, pink, and fuchsia.

Your friend, work colleague, or loved one will be surprised when they open up the box to their long lasting roses.

 This is a gift that is certain to impress and make everyone happy!


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