Collection: Forever De Fleur

A Lifetime of Luxury.
Forever De Fleur is a range of Realistic Silk Handmade flowers that will last a Life Time.
Mother's Day is on Sunday 19th March UK (Worldwide Delivery Available)

Mother's Day Collection to help you to select the perfect floral gift for your Mother, Grandma or favourite Aunty. 

The Perfect Mother’s Day Eternity Roses Gift

Mother’s Day is ahead and what better gift than a beautiful bouquet of roses? If only there were a way for your mother to enjoy these roses 365 days of the year!
Now there is, and it doesn’t involve faux flowers (though we do have silk
flower options too)! Your loved one can enjoy genuine Mother’s Day roses in a box that has been carefully preserved and will last for up to one year, and possibly up to three, with the proper care.
These roses are called forever roses, eternity roses, or infinity roses.

Where Did Mother’s Day Originate?

Mother’s Day is the one day every year when we celebrate and honour the
mother of the family.
In the UK, her special day is in March, while in other parts of the world like
the USA it is celebrated in May (just in case your mother lives in a different
It started in the USA in the early 20th century, but for the UK, we were likely
encouraged by the Roman festival of Hilaria where Cybele was honoured,
also known as “Mountain Mother”.
The Christian church’s Mary and Mothering Sunday may also have played
a part in the holiday. There used to be the medieval practice of visiting
one’s church annually on Laetare Sunday.
Here in the UK, it’s celebrated on the fourth day in Lent, and this year our
Mother’s Day will be in March. To celebrate, a small gift is given to,
mothers, grandmothers, and even special friends.
Often, we’ll take our loved ones out for a meal and insist on doing any
household chores for them, so they get a break.

Why Should You Choose Forever Roses?

There are only a few traditional options for Mother’s Day gifts. You could
send chocolates, but many people are watching what they eat, and most
types of chocolates are of low quality.
Flowers always make the perfect gift, but they only look good for a few
days, before disintegrating. That’s why flowers that last for up to a year,
and possibly a few more, can make the perfect gift. These infinity flowers
are carefully preserved.
They’re a lot like the traditional dried flowers option, except instead of
looking like actual dried flowers, they are specifically treated to retain their
full shape and original colour.

What Types of Mother’s Day Forever Roses Can I Order?

You can purchase Mother’s Day roses in a box, which helps to protect
them during transport. It’s recommended that the gift recipient keep their
roses in the Mother’s Day rose box to help preserve them.
The lid can simply tuck under the bottom of the box. Due to their fragility,
they are not intended to be removed and placed into a vase.
You’ll have the option to purchase one beautiful rose in a box, or you can
buy Mother’s Day eternity roses in a box that are four or more. There are
small roses to buy, and larger roses too.

What Types of Colours of Roses Can Be Ordered?

We have the traditional red colour if you’re seeking to buy a box of roses
for Mother’s Day. But if you want to send your favourite colour rose to your
mother, other colours of roses are available too.
You can choose from light pink, fuchsia, blue, white, dark pink, and dusty
rose colours too! You can send her the colour she loves, or simply choose
a box of roses that will match her living room or dining room decor.

How Many Roses Fit in a Beautiful Gift Box?

If you want more than one to four roses in a box, we have exactly what you
need for a Mother’s Day roses-in-a-box gift. We have beautiful boxed
bouquets that fit twelve roses in a box, 24 roses in a box, and even 36
roses in a box. And if you want to add to your gift, we also have large white
teddy bears to add to their Mother’s Day surprise!

Best Suggested Mother’s Day Gifts

There are dozens of Mother’s Day rose boxes on our website, so you may
be confused as to what to order.
We do have one perfect gift that helps make your decision much easier. A
Forever De Fleur Roses Dome in bright pink colour, in an attractive black or
white box, will make your mother extremely happy on Mother’s Day!
Or, the ultimate gift, the word “Mum” spelt out in a large rose’s box! (Call us
to order!)

Where to Order Roses That Last Over a Year?

It may be difficult to find roses like the ones we sell. You can find them here
at our UK-based floral company called Flux de Fleur.
You can easily shop online for your Mother’s Day gifts (don’t forget your
spouse, your spouse’s mother, grandmothers, and aunts too!).
You can order now, and we’ll take care of the rest, and lovingly package up
your Mother’s Day gift and have it delivered to your loved ones in time for
Mother’s Day!
And we also have gifts for every occasion, so you don’t have to wait for
March or May to order your gifts.

Are the Mother’s Day Forever Roses Delivered?

Yes, our Mother’s Day eternity roses can be delivered to either your
residence, your workplace, or to your mother’s residence or workplace in
the UK or USA.

Please note the order and delivery time frames so that the flowers arrive on
time. We deliver gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s
Day, graduation, career promotions, thank you gifts, and more!

If you’re searching for roses and believe that you want to buy infinity roses
for Mother’s Day, then you have chosen the perfect gift!
Be sure to browse our website now, so you can place your order with
plenty of time to spare!
You’ll want to be right there in person when your mother or loved one
opens up their beautiful gift that says “I love you 365 days of the year!