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Forever De Fleur™ Mini

Forever De Fleur™ Mini

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Forever Roses that Last A Life Time  ™
A Lifetime of Luxury.

Forever De Fleur is a New range of Silk Handmade realistic flowers that will last a Life Time. 
Our Forever Roses range are the most realistic flowers, that will look spectacular in your space. With No water and No Maintenance required. These artificial flowers will look beautiful year after year. They may need the occasional dusting but other than that enjoy them forever and enhance the living space you keep them in.

A Quality Rose Gift Sure to Last.

 Are you on a tight budget, but you still want to find the perfect gift for your loved one?

 You can’t just skip the date, even if they say don’t worry about it. It’s important to find roses that last forever because that’s how much you care for them.

You want a quality gift for your loved one that will last a long time. The best solution is to buy a mini forever rose.

 One rose tells them how much you love them. It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of pounds on two dozen large roses to show them how much you really care.

 What Is a Mini Forever Rose?

 A mini forever rose or roses are a type of rose that lasts forever with the proper care. We have different roses that last forever, made from genuine roses, or from silk.

 One of our special gifts for you to consider is the mini forever rose made from silk. You don’t need to send them a big bouquet to tell them how much you love them. (Also, this gift will fit anywhere!)

 This gift consists of one large silk rose in your favourite colour – red, white/cream, blush pink and pink. The rose arrives in a lovely gold and white box, or a black and gold box, your choice!

How Do I Care for a Mini Forever Rose?

There will be care instructions in your gift box that help the gift recipient to care for their special gift. The rose arrives in a box with a lid. The lid can be carefully removed and tucked beneath the bottom of the box.

 The rose is gently pulled upwards to sit outside the box. It will fluff up and look beautiful when this is done.

 The mini rose should be placed in a safe spot away from the reach of children, pets, or inquisitive co-workers. If it needs dusting in a month or so, gently blow on it. Never wash it under the tap! This gift would do well inside a glass cabinet.

 Where to Shop for Last Forever Roses?

 You can shop for affordable last forever roses on our Flux de Fleur website. We have an online-only shop where you can find two main types of forever roses – silk or genuine carefully preserved roses.

 We offer various price points, so if you want a small but affordable gift sure to delight, we have a single rose in a box, or, if you want an expensive gift that’s going to take their breath away, the two dozen+ roses in a box will astound them!

Your last forever roses are sure to be one of the most popular gifts your loved one ever receives! They’ll be surprised that this rose isn’t real, but it’s made from genuine silk, like in the past!

 There are no other artificial roses on the market today that quite look like these mini forever roses. Order this inexpensive gift today, before they’re sold out!

 With No maintenance or watering required, the Forever De Fleur Collection will always look luxurious and elegant.

Arrangement includes a handwritten greeting card and envelope 

Mini Arrangements: 1 Rose 
Measures at approx 2 inches wide and approx 2.5 inches tall

**Select UK Weekend Delivery. Order before 10am Friday to receive your item Saturday or Sunday**

For standard next day delivery please order before 10am to ensure next day working day delivery service 

Care Instructions

  • No direct contact to sunlight.
  • No moisture and are kept at room temperature.
  • Do not water the flowers.
  • Do not remove the flowers from the box, they are secure and happy there.
  • If dust collects after sometime lightly use a duster to remove.
  • Keep the lid at the bottom or side of box.
  • Do not place the lid or any items on top of the flowers as they can be crushed or damaged. 
  • Do not hold the arrangement from the ribbon handles and be mindful as this product is very delicate.
  • Your luxurious arrangement can last for a year (Infinity De Fleur) or more if cared for correctly with zero maintenance, no water and minimal care. 
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