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Forever Peonies

Forever Peonies

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Forever Peonies 
A Lifetime of Luxury

Forever Peonies is a range of Silk Handmade flowers that will last a Life Time.
Our Forever Peonies are the most realistic flowers that will look spectacular in your space. With No water and No Maintenance required. These artificial flowers will look beautiful year after year. They may need the occasional dusting but other than that enjoy them forever and enhance the living space you keep them in.

With No maintenance or watering required, the Forever De Fleur Collection will always look luxurious and elegant.

Choose a Unique Gift: Forever Peonies That Last

 If you’re seeking the perfect gift, but your gift recipient is tired of roses, we can offer you peonies that last a year.

 Like silk roses, these peonies are also made from natural silk, and with the proper care can last for over a year or more. There are a few different options for when you order your gift too, so you can tailor it to the tastes of your loved one.

 How the Peonies Look Genuine

 Peonies make a great gift, but last forever flowers is even better, as your girlfriend, wife, or daughter, will be able to enjoy them for a longer length of time.

 These peonies haven’t been dried, nor are they made from cloth or plastic, they are made from genuine silk, spun by real silkworms. These peonies that last a year make the perfect gift option as they can be enjoyed day after day.

But since they are made from real fibres, they do have an expiry date too. If they aren’t properly cared for, the silk flowers can become dusty and dis-coloured.

 It’s important to fully follow the care instructions. The last forever flowers may go longer than a year, but only with the proper care.

 Are Silk Flowers Affordable?

It depends on your career and what your budget is. Our peonies that last a year may seem pricey for people with tight budgets.

 But when you factor in how silkworms spin the fibres, then craftspeople treat the fibres and create fabric that is then dyed, carefully cut into petals and leaves, and then assembled as a gift, you’ll understand that a gift that lasts for over a year is definitely priced reasonably, and worth it!

 Instead of giving them a £30 box of chocolates that’s going to be gone in a day, opt to buy a beautiful bouquet of peonies that will last one+ years!

 Where Can I Order Silk Peonies?

Faux flowers can be found in many places, but you need perfect flowers made from genuine silk that look as realistic as possible.

You want them so perfect that your loved one is fooled at first! (Until they read the card!) There aren’t too many florists that offer these types of flowers, as their focus is on freshly cut flowers and roses.

 Instead, your search will lead you online. Please visit our Flux de Fleur online flower shop, where we sell genuine preserved flowers, as well as genuine silk ones too.

 We aim to have our flowers look as realistic as possible, as we know people are tired of those fake plastic flowers which are so last century.

 If you’re ready to buy peonies that last a year then please browse our Flux de Fleur ordering page. We make the ordering process simple.

 All you have to do is choose your peonies and box colours and box size, add a greeting card message, choose your payment method and reasonable delivery date, and you’re set!

Now you can wait and watch the excitement on their face when your wonderful gift arrives!

Arrangement includes a handwritten greeting card and envelope 
Medium arrangement: 7" x 7" x 5" (approx with Peonies 12" height) 
Medium has approx 12-18 Peonies steams mixed with Peonies Buds. 

Large Arrangement: 12" x 12" x 9" (approx with Peonies 15" height) 
Large has approx 18-24 Peonies steams mixed with Peonies Buds. 

**Select UK Weekend Delivery. Order before 9am Friday to receive your item Saturday**
Orders placed before 10am GMT will be dispatched on next working day delivery service

Care Instructions

  • No direct contact to sunlight.
  • No moisture and are kept at room temperature.
  • Do not water the flowers.
  • Do not remove the flowers from the box, they are secure and happy there.
  • If dust collects after sometime lightly use a duster to remove.
  • Keep the lid at the bottom or side of box.
  • Do not place the lid or any items on top of the flowers as they can be crushed or damaged. 
  • Do not hold the arrangement from the ribbon handles and be mindful as this product is very delicate.
  • Your luxurious arrangement can last for a year (Infinity De Fleur) or more if cared for correctly with zero maintenance, no water and minimal care. 
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