Magnum De Fleur - Lasts One Year

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Roses that Last 1-3 Years 
A Lifetime of Luxury.

With the Magnum Infinity Arrangement, sentiment and luxury transcend into the realm of décor. Use it to send an extra-large lovely message, or, shower your living space with luxurious and fabulosity. Roses that last a year when there is No direct contact with sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. Measuring 36" x 10" x 9", the XXLarge arrangement is three times the size of a traditional Infinity De Fleur arrangement.

All customisations must be approved by a designer. Given the size of the arrangement, we can do many different designs. 

Popular Custom Choices include; Letters, Numbers and Shapes. 

Arrangement Includes:

Hand Written Stationery Card and Envelope.

Large Arrangement: Approx. 120/140 Infinity Roses 

Size: 36" x 12" x 9"

**PLEASE NOTE** Our roses undergo a dying process, and when two opposite coloured roses are next to one another there can be running off the dye into each other. 



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