Valentine's Days

Valentine's Days

A Valentine’s Forever Rose Gift That Lasts!


Every day can be Valentine’s Day when you have a romantic loved one. And it’s not just for romance either.


You can send a gift to your children, loved ones, and friends too. But just what type of gift can you send that will keep them thinking about you for up to a year or longer – at least until the next Valentine’s Day?


Sweets and chocolates are quickly eaten. Flowers and plants decay and end up in the rubbish. Household goods may be forgotten on the shelf.


The answer is to buy a Valentine’s rose box that not only contains real roses but roses that have been preserved to last for up to a year and more!



What Is a Valentine’s Day Forever Rose?


These are real roses that have been grown on a farm. The best ones are cut and preserved through a special preservation process.


Unlike the dried roses in the past that were quite brittle and became a dark black-red colour, our roses are carefully prepared and preserved to look just like fresh roses.


You can send a box of roses for Valentine’s Day that will last for several months.


Why Do We Send Valentine’s Day Gifts?


Valentine’s Day has origins in the Christian church. It originally started as a feast day to honour a martyr called Valentine.


It is also traditional to go out for dinner on February 14th to celebrate. Saint Valentine is known for his kindness to his jailers and to people who were persecuted.


For example, he’d conduct weddings for Christian soldiers who had been forbidden to get married by the Roman emperor. It’s believed he sent a card to his jailer’s daughter before his execution.


There are many other legends and folk traditions, which led to the celebration of this event every February.


How to Make a Valentine’s Rose Box Last Forever


If you believe that the Valentine’s Day forever roses will be perfect for your loved one, then you may also be wondering how they can last for up to a year.


With the proper care, they can last for up to three years. It’s important to keep the roses inside the box they arrived in. The lid can be carefully removed and placed under the box.


The less the roses are handled, the fewer the chances that they’ll chip or disintegrate. If there are young children or pets in the household, it’s important to keep the roses away from them.


If you have a shelf with a glass door, that will be the perfect location to keep this special gift. The dust will stay off of them, and the roses won’t be subject to heating or air conditioning.


One last consideration is to keep your forever roses Valentine’s Day gift out of direct sunlight. With all these care tips, your box of roses could last for up to three years long! That will provide plenty of value for this long-term gift.


When Should I Give Valentine’s Gift?


This depends on whether you’ll see your loved one on Valentine’s Day itself. If you’re going out for dinner, you can present them with a gift before the date.


Your eternity roses can be delivered to your work or residence. But if you believe you won’t see them on this day, then you can have the gift directly shipped to their home or to their workplace.


You may want to check in advance to see where they will be at the time of delivery.


You may want to hint that they should stay at home until it arrives! Or, perhaps the gift can be left with another family member or a neighbour?


Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day of the week too, as people’s work schedules can be all over the place today.


You have plenty of time to figure out when to order your box of roses for valentine’s day ahead.


How to Choose the Best Roses Colour?


Our Flux de Fleur roses come in a wide range of colour options. You can order roses in their favourite colour!


But if you’re uncertain, you may still figure it out. What colours of clothing do they wear? Do they enjoy wearing light or dark pink? Red? White? That might help you out.


Or, if you know what colours they have for their living room decor, you could try colour-coordinating with their cushions, curtains, or rugs.


You also have the option to choose the colour of box that the roses arrive in: black or white and even if you get it wrong, it won’t matter, because every single forever rose in our box is beautiful!


Where Can I Shop for Online Valentine’s Day Gifts?


If you’re ready to order a forever roses valentine’s day gift, then please browse our website now.


You can find one rose, or an entire Valentine’s rose box gift to order now. If you want to buy infinity roses on Valentine’s Day, please check out our Flux de Fleur website here.


Not all florists sell eternity roses for valentine’s day gift, and if you’re in the UK, you want to order from a UK seller. Your gift will be delivered by courier, so you can be assured that it will arrive on time.



If you’re seeking a gift that won’t end up in the bin or at the back of the closet, select a forever roses gift today!


Just imagine the surprise on your loved one’s face when they open up their box of beautiful roses!


And they’ll be even more surprised when they learn that these are not only

genuine roses, but that they have also been lovingly preserved to last for one year or more!


They’ll have a smile on their face every time they gaze at their beautiful gift that they can keep on a table or a shelf in their home.


Don’t forget to place your order today, so it arrives in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day, or any other special event!


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