Fashionable Colors You Should Consider for Your Wedding in 2018

Fashionable Colors You Should Consider for Your Wedding in 2018

Fashionable Colors You Should Consider for Your Wedding in 2022

The concept of a wedding ceremony is a beautiful thing. But just like any other good and beautiful thing, the process of planning for a wedding is hectic. If it’s your wedding, then the task gets even more challenging. The memory of the big day has to be a long-lasting one which means almost everything has to be perfect, most especially, the colors that you choose. From selecting the colors for things like tablecloths, to selecting the wedding decor color, each choice has to be spot on as they decide, to a large extent, in determining the atmosphere at your ceremony.

Studying which colors are currently popular can be very helpful. Such research can also help you to find inspiration for the color of your wedding flowers. And that’s why we’ve created a list of popular colors for weddings.

Trendy Wedding Colors

Navy Blue and Burgundy

If you are planning to make your wedding day as formal as possible, these two rich colors will help to create the necessary effect and bring to life that desired atmosphere. When paired together, both colors are incredibly royal, giving off that regal aura. Together, they represent trust and romance, loyalty and prosperity, maturity and faith. It’s no wonder that this combination will be used regularly for a while.

Deep Red and Peach

Have you planned your wedding for the fall season? Are you thinking about the perfect color you can use to spice up your event? It’s easy to want to go for combinations that may lead to a lot of bland color schemes. To avoid something like this, you may want to consider a combination of deep shade of red and peach. Whatever you use this color combination for on your big day, be sure you’re going to get a striking effect that will light up your ceremony with a hint of warmth.

Dusty Rose and Sage Green

Using these two light colors together is the perfect combination for couples who prefer to have a wedding that is more laid back and casual. With these two colors, what you will get is your big day being filled with a feeling of romantic elegance. Just imagine combining pink wedding roses with other simple, natural elements like succulents and eucalyptus.

Black, White, and Gold

There are formal weddings and there are formal, black-tie weddings. If your choice is the latter, it must be that you want a theme of seriousness for your big day. This means you have to carefully choose your color scheme so that your guest can get the message. One way to do this exceptionally is to use a combination of black, white, and gold together. This combination sets the tone for a formal setting.

There are many ways you can introduce different color combinations into your weddings. It could be either via the wedding décor or the stunning floral arrangements for the day. Have thought of having any of the listed color combinations in the form of rose arrangements? It’s just one other way to brighten up your big day.

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