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Forever Hydrangea™

Forever Hydrangea™

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Forever Hydrangea Last A Life Time™
    A Lifetime of Luxury. 
    Forever Hydrangea is a New range of Silk Realistic Handmade flowers that will last a Life Time.  
    Our Forever Hydrangea range are the most realistic flowers, that will look spectacular in your space. With No water and No Maintenance required. These artificial flowers will look beautiful year after year. They may need the occasional dusting but other than that enjoy them forever and enhance the living space you keep them in.
    With No maintenance or watering required, the Forever De Fleur Collection will always look luxurious and elegant.
    Arrangement includes a handwritten greeting card and envelope 
    Large Arrangement: 12" x12" x 9" (approx with Hydrangeas 12" height) 
    8-10 Hydrangea steams 

    **Select UK Weekend Delivery. Order before 9am Friday to receive your item Saturday or Sunday**

    Care Instructions

    • No direct contact to sunlight.
    • No moisture and are kept at room temperature.
    • Do not water the flowers.
    • Do not remove the flowers from the box, they are secure and happy there.
    • If dust collects after sometime lightly use a duster to remove.
    • Keep the lid at the bottom or side of box.
    • Do not place the lid or any items on top of the flowers as they can be crushed or damaged. 
    • Do not hold the arrangement from the ribbon handles and be mindful as this product is very delicate.
    • Your luxurious arrangement can last for a year (Infinity De Fleur) or more if cared for correctly with zero maintenance, no water and minimal care. 
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